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Vitalik Buterin - Team Blockchain Huddle

Vitalik Buterin

Co-creator and inventor of Ethereum

Balaji S. Srinivasan - Team Blockchain H

Co-founder of and CTO of Coinbase

Jimmy Song - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Blockchain educator, developer, and entrepreneur

Elizabeth Stark - Team Blockchain Huddle

CEO of Lightning Labs. Taught at Stanford and Yale

Fred Ehrsam - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Co-founder of Coinbase

Joseph Poon - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Founder of Bitcoin's Lightning Network

Meltem Demirors - Team Blockchain Huddle

CSO of CoinShares. Interviews women in Blockchain

Ari Paul - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

CIO of Blocktower Capital

Arvind Narayanan - Team Blockchain Huddl

Princeton professor. Crypto & blockchains tweets

Neeraj K. Agrawal - Team Blockchain Hudd

Director of Communications for Coin Center

Peter Todd - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Cryptography Consultant & Bitcoin Core Developer

Matt Corallo - Team Blockchain

Bitcoin developer working on open source projects

Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Team Blockchai

Popular blockchain educator and evangelist

Nick Szabo - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Blockchain, crypto, and smart contracts pioneer

Naval Ravikant - Team Blockchain Huddle.

CEO and Co-founder of AngelList. Deep thinker

Jameson Lopp - Team Blockchain

Software & BitGo engineer. Created

Vlad Zamfir - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Head of research for Ethereum

Zooko Wilcox - Team Blockchain

Zcash Founder and CEO

Chris Burniske - Team Blockchain Huddle.

Author of Cryptoassets & Partner at Placeholder VC

Kyle Samani - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

Vinny Lingham - Team Blockchain Huddle.p

Co-founder & CEO of

Charlie Lee - Team Blockchain Huddle.png

Litecoin creator. Previously at Coinbase


Professor at Cornell. Blockchains & Bitcoin tweets

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