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Hi there - I'm Jean-Que, but you can call me Q, a Haitian-American silicon beach techie from Miami living in Southern California. I'm a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan, software tech guy, human rights, and climate change activist.  I'm also the guy behind Blockchain Huddle.com.

I created the Huddle after developing tap., a LinkedIn-style marketplace connecting everyone in the entertainment industry utilizing advanced technology to vet people, projects, networks, and deals. The entertainment industry is home to the world's largest contractor workforce, with over 107+ MILL entertainment professionals generating a demanding $2.1 TRILL annual revenue.  tap. is a blockchain-enabled software that uses artificial intelligence analytics to connect global media networks closing the gaps in network, access, and opportunity in the industry. I believe the arts are iconic mediums designed to preserve the legacy of humanity, serving as the most potent social-change agent in the world. I created tap to equip this massive workforce with the modern business tools required to bring the stories of our human legacy to light successfully. Unfortunately, creatives are among the most underserved professionals whose rights are consistently obstructed cloaked behind Freedom of Speech and Creative Freedom laws. Unequal access, unequal pay, and deal transparency are traditional multi-million dollar lawsuits that concern the workforce worldwide. 

We had to overcome many significant challenges surrounding the issues of ownership, pay, transparency, and authenticity. For example, how can a Producer or Artist transfer a license to the likes of Disney or Sony (and vice-versa) without the worry that:

  1. A licensing deal is transparent, fair, and legally has their best interest. 

  2. All rights holders attached to the license can track its market performance, i.e. sales, rights, and market value. 

  3. If/when the rights of the license are changed, all active-rights holders (licensees) are aware of the change.

  4. If the license gets transferred, licensees can continue to track their rights without taking alternative measures to access their royalties.

We discovered that blockchain technology could relieve these worries.

Blockchain Technology

As I educated myself on blockchain technology, I grew frustrated. There was a lot of scattered content, misinformation, and bad advice from a series of outlets. Some outlets you can trust; others seemed legit but misleading. So I decided to strengthen my network with blockchain experts and colleagues, now grateful friends and family. Looking back at our success, I wish I had connected with my team sooner.

It wasn't until I attended CIS - Crypto Investment Summit hosted by Goren Holm (now Draper Goren Holm) where I met Alon Goren and John Paukulis where I discovered the opportunity to create the Huddle. Throughout CIS, one thing kept resonating: create, create, create. 

As the Founding Principal Partner of an  Intellectual Property boutique law firm in Santa Monica, I  help people solve complex rights management and chain-of-title/ownership problems. I remember writing my law school entrance essay on Servicing Humanity, which led to a scholarship. At CIS, I discovered the need to serve and educate others with this technology. The next day, I brought my blogging device and started recording everything I could. Then, with only one-lav mic, I started interviewing panelists. It was clear that I was new at this, but I persisted. After CIS, I went to Tech Week, Blockchain Week, Digital Hollywood, and GlobalGate within 2 months to get educated and content.

Finally, I created the Blockchain Huddle after five conferences with over three hundred minutes of footage. In this place, anyone, despite experience in the blockchain space, can 
Engage, Grow, and Prosper. 


To succeed within the blockchain space, first, you must have an idea. Then, you must learn the basics, apply them to your tech, and connect with the right people who can become your mentors, developers, and investors. This is precisely why I created the Huddle in service of the blockchain industry.

The Huddle doesn't claim to have all the answers. But, in my opinion, it is the best place to start and acclimate to the blockchain industry. I still have a lot to learn, and I am happy to share and give back to others.

Q Background & Bio 

Jean-Que M. Dar, also known as Q, is a former musician and technology entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. Since age 8, Q has mastered eight treble clef instruments and directed three choirs. As an artist, Q has an insurmountable passion for the arts. Q studied Political Science and Legal Communications at Howard University and concentrated on Intellectual Property (IP) law at the Drake University Law School. After Drake, Q worked in the plant patents biopharmaceutical IP Prosecution legal industry at some of the world's most prestigious law firms, including Foley & Lardner, Fulbright & Jaworski, and Davis Wright Tremaine. Q is a proud member of the Langston Bar Association.

While at Davis Wright, the buzz of Silicon Beach in Santa Monica, California, started to take permanent shape. Q and a few attorneys noticed the high demand for intellectual property support from major law firms and start-ups within Silicon Beach. So Q and his colleagues formed IP Precise, an IP Prosecution one-stop-shop to get any idea from concept to marketplace. IP Precise became popular for Fortune 100 executives that sought to give birth to a start-up while remaining at their current job position.

Q places an incredible amount of value on the types of clients he would represent and mainly engages companies within the sustainable technology industry. Worth noting that Q is the principal Founder of Lion Fund Holdings. Lion Fund is converting 200 acres of prime real estate land into a $4 billion sub-development community comprised of nine net-zero fully sustainable mega-mansions within the Bradbury Estates in Southern California. The homes would serve as the benchmark for building net-zero, fully sustainable homes of the future.

Currently, Q is on a mission to preserve and empower the voice of all artists around the world. Q wholeheartedly believes that artists are the preservers of the human race. His mission is clear, "Servicing humanity sits at the center of all things I do."